Raegan Junge

Raegan Junge

Raegan started helping Tornado victims back in April 2011 after seeing the damage on national news. She was 6 years old at the time. She started making bracelets and offering them for a free will donation. Raegan raised $450.00 for Alabama.

As she watched the news, Joplin, Missouri was struck and she spotted Don and Helen Capps, an elderly couple in their 80's who were now living in a shelter. She wanted to sponsor the couple. With the help of the Red Cross contact was made. Raegan raised over $1,600 for the veteran and his wife. She also provided the couple with a Christmas tree and Thanksgiving meal. Her parents drove Rae the 8 hours to surprise the couple and hand deliver the money she raised.

While in Joplin, Rae volunteered with Americorp making cards for the victims and brought supplies from Iowa. Raegan provided school supplies and Christmas gifts to the children of Joplin. She also provided 15 $20.00 gift cards for the seniors Thanksgiving dinner. 

She was one of five finalists and only child for the Weather Channels Epic Christmas award. She did get viewers favorite and received $5,000 for charity. She was able to start The Raegan Junge Scholarship Fund in her School thus giving back to her own small community who has supported her and her efforts in helping others. She received A Good Deed Award from the American Legion in which she has been a member of since age 4.

Raegan Junge has appeared in the following PEACE Fund Radio episodes: