October 16, 2013

Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier dig deeper into the conversation we began last week about the myriad chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants that find their ways into our children's foods and daily environments.

PFR Correspondent John Bierly pops in to introduce recent Hero of the Week Alyssa Deraco from Alyssa's Bedtime Stories and her mother, Lilian Smith, who call in to talk about the help they need to make their upcoming November 23 fundraiser a massive success. You can click here to download an invitation and donation forms!

Then we hear about our new Hero of the Week, Raegan Junge from Benton, Iowa, who first jumped into action at the age of 6 when she heard about the the devastating tornadoes that ravaged Alabama in 2011. Raegan constantly monitors local and national news to find out about families, children, and senior citizens who lose everything in fires or natural disasters, mobilizing immediately with fundraisers she organizes through her own efforts and detailed requests for community action. You can read about her efforts on her Facebook page.

And finally, after the Caption Contest segment, we hear from PFR producer Lota Hadley with an important update about an upcoming GLAAD anti-bullying event! All this and more from this 45th episode of Peace Fund Radio.