Who We Are


PEACE FUND RADIO, a weekly radio show, is the brain-child of actor Adrian Paul, who founded the PEACE Fund in 1997, to "Protect, Educate, and Aid Children Everywhere." Together with popular Los Angeles talk radio personality, Ethan Dettenmaier (COMBAT RADIO), PEACE FUND RADIO began airing in December 2012.  Now, with over 1.4 million viewers a month, and the show's audience constantly growing, listeners have called it, "innovative," "informative," and "entertaining."  The hour-long show gives heartfelt insights into the issues facing our children today, such as homelessness, child cancer, autism, child safety, bullying, slavery, and hunger, to name but a few.  The emotions in the voices are real, the kids heroes, highlighted every week, are inspiring and the celebrity involvement is passionate.

Actors, singers, politicians, football players and motivational speares gave up their time to tackle subjects that were sometimes shocking, often heartwarming, but always honest and revealing.  These celebrities, whose hearts are focused to help children in desperate situations, including the likes of Luke Goss, Dean Caine, Kevin Sorbo, Amanda Tapping, Kelly Hu, Kimberly Moore, Liel Kolet, Don Stark, Mark Sacascos, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ray Park, and Tim Brown.  Adrian Paul's schedule in 2013 sometimes took him to countries such as Russia, Hungary, Italy, England, and Bulgaria, but the show never stopped taping, he was still able to co-host with Ethan Dettanmier in the studio in Sherman Oaks.  Celebrity guests, too, called in from all over the United States, when their work schedule, or their location, precluded them from physically being able to come into the studio.  PEACE FUND RADIO now has quickly become listened to world-wide.  It is there to Protect, Educate, and Aid our children in times of disaster, in times of need, and any time we need a little hope.

PEACE FUND RADIO.  Real stories.  Real results.  Real radio.