Who We Are


PEACE FUND RADIO, a weekly radio show, is the brain-child of actor Adrian Paul, who founded the PEACE Fund in 1997, to "Protect, Educate, and Aid Children Everywhere." 

Launched in December 2012, it began airing on LA Talk Radio as a weekly one-hour show hosted by Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier.  The show aims to create a dynamic social media platform for charities and their beneficiaries while bringing listeners heartfelt insights into the issues facing children today and the charities out there making a difference.
From a variety of celebrities from the worlds of music, television, and film who've made it their missions to lend giving hands, to representatives from charities who are in the trenches fighting for children every day, to the kid heroes who are doing amazing things in their community, to ordinary people who've overcome extraordinary circumstances to make a difference in their local and global communities, the show's guests tackle issues and discussions that are sometimes tough, sometimes shocking, often heartwarming, but always honest and revealing. 

In November 2016 Peace Fund Radio launched its new 2-hour format. The show, now hosted by Brigade Radio One, has over two million listeners a month, and the audience is growing. In its new format, Peace Fund Radio goes where it matters, from the charities working hard on the ground to the celebrities who are very passionate about making a difference.

PEACE FUND RADIO.  Real stories.  Real results.  Real radio.