Lauren and Victoria Coaxum

Lauren and Victoria Coaxum

The invention of the Internet was a wonderful phenomenon. Who wouldn’t love a wealth of information that’s as far away as your fingertips and being able to communicate at the speed of light? Yet, with every good invention there is the possibility for it to do harm. And such is the case with cyberbullying.

Bullying can occur on your cell phone and within your social media accounts, making the bullying, the humiliation, and the audience of witnesses vast. It also makes the bullying seem like it is never-ending which only increases the devastation. Several teens have taken their own lives because of the stress and depression it can cause.

When teen sisters Lauren and Victoria Coaxum saw how deeply cyberbullying was impacting their generation they took matters into their own hands… or social channels, if you will. 

They created the “Think Before You Type Campaign", which later expanded into a nonprofit. Lauren and Victoria may be young but their desire to help arm others with the tools to stop the bullying supersedes their ages. Each month, they post a challenge or dare as they like to call it on their web site and encourage others to do something to prevent cyberbullying, even if it is just to alter the own behaviors. They also post videos and interviews with amazing teens doing amazing things.

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