September 4, 2013

Actor/author Tom Malloy didn’t wait for Hollywood to grant him any favors. He writes, produces, and acts in his own projects, taking time along the way to tour the United States as a motivational speaker whose messages of hard work, initiative, and self-confidence have reached more than 100,000 students. He joins Adrian Pauland Ethan Dettenmaier today to talk about the causes and charities he holds most dear, including Roses From Linda, which covers travel costs so that family members can be with their ailing loved ones.

The resulting discussion about chronic illnesses among children reminds correspondent John Bierly of the pediatric cancer research funded by Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the work done by Aaron’s Apple, which helps families keep up with the massive monthly medical bills that accompany chronic conditions.

And finally we learn about this week’s Hero, 13-year-old Rachel Wheeler, who stood on a chair when she was 9 and proudly declared her commitment to the children of Haiti. The first $250,000 she raised rebuilt a school and created a village of 27 earthquake-proof homes. She’s currently well on her way to raising funds to build homes for an additional 20 families!