September 10, 2014

Peace Fund Operations Officer Beverly Shihara joins Adrian Paul in the LA Talk Radio studios today -- first with an update on the easy ways to keep your kids safe from the Enterovirus D68 outbreak affecting more than 1,000 children across 10 Midwestern states, and then for a deeper discussion about the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS among children. Learn about the facts, the causes, the relationship between HIV/AIDS and poverty, and how organizations such as AIDS United and Mustard Seed Communities are leading the global battles for HIV/AIDS education and eradication.

And in our Hero of the Week segment, weekly correspondent John Bierly remembers how early AIDS victim Ryan White lives on through the Ryan White CARE Act and highlights severalThree Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders whose efforts over the years have brought awareness and assistance to HIV/AIDS hotspots around the globe: Peggy Otengo, Sebastian Roberts, Consolee Nyiragirinka, and Bilaal Rajan.