September 1, 2023

After a busy summer in Europe for Adrian, he's back with Ethan to bring us today's show on natural disasters.

Natural disasters can strike at any time and we must be prepared with food, water and other essentials, as well as a plan.

Records continue to be exceeded as the summer temperatures of 2023 in the Northern Hemisphere is off the charts. Europe endured high temperatures for much of July and China hit a record for the hottest temperature ever recorded north of 40 degrees north latitude.

The deadly wildfires erupted on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Aug. 8 and have become the deadliest natural disaster in state history. The blazes spread rapidly amid dry conditions from the ongoing drought there and powerful winds. The inferno burned thousands of residential and commercial buildings to the ground.

Hilary, the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years, flooded roads, toppled trees. It shattered daily rain totals in places and likely dumped the equivalent of a full year’s worth on Death Valley National Park, forcing the park to be closed indefinitely.

Hurricane Idalia plowed into Florida's Gulf Coast on Wednesday with howling winds, torrential rains and pounding surf, then weakened as it turned its fury on southeastern Georgia and continued up the coast.