October 17, 2018

On today's show, Adrian and Bev visit the Corpus Christi nonprofit, Youth Odyssey, and talk with Executive Director Becky Meyer.  Adrian and Ethan get the opportunity to talk with Susie Krabacher and Robin Hamill from our partner Haiti Children.  Later in the show, Bruce Gale brings us an interview with this week's Kid Hero, Taylor Moxey.

Growing up can be hard today and making that transition into an adult a difficult experience for many youth.  For those kids growing up without positive role models in their life, without important life skills and without a stable home, these challenges are just multiplied.

According to a report by Measure of America, about 11percent of individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither attending school nor working.  These “disconnected youth” are cut off from the people, institutions, and experiences that would help them develop the skills and maturity to live productive lives in society.  These youth are more at risk for poverty, early pregnancy and violence, especially in adulthood…and all of these affect society as a whole.

At-risk youth are everywhere but some areas are worse than others.  “WalletHub” recently threw a spotlight on the problem of idle youth, by crunching the numbers on youth mental health, education, drug use, unemployment, and other risk factors.  They mapped the at-risk youth and ranked each state.  They found that overall, America’s at-risk youth are concentrated in the West and the South.

Research shows that during after-school hours, not only do crime rates triple, but many unsupervised youngsters experiment with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Teens who are unsupervised after school are 37% more likely to become teen parents.

And this brings us to today's charity, Youth Odyssey...

Created in 1997, Youth Odyssey is a non-profit based in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Their mission is to address the rising tide of juvenile crime and violence. They provide at-risk youth ages 10-17 with positive development through life skills curricula and adventure challenge programming.  @youthodyssey

Youth Odyssey’s overall goal is to decreases at-risk factors such as gang violence, drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancy through appealing healthy adventure challenges.

Their program teaches youth life-skills through fun and engaging outdoor activities. The skills we incorporate are communication, teamwork, trust, problem-solving, goal-setting, and leadership; all are skills youth need to make good decisions, reach their goals, and have a bright future. Youth Odyssey works with youth ages 10-17 to teach them these skills through team-building activities, ropes challenge courses, kayaking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking.

While in Corpus Christi, Adrian and Bev had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Becky Meyer, the Executive Director.

Susie Krabacher at HaitiChildren Village
Susie Krabacher at HaitiChildren Village

HaitiChildren began in 1994 when Susie Krabacher made her first trip to Haiti and began helping the people of Cite Soleil. Today, HaitiChildren has grown to care for over 1,500 people daily in our programs.  They have raised and invested over $40m in Haiti – there are no other programs like theirs, especially for children with disabilities. The Government does not have the funding to care for these children and most “orphanages” funded with foreign aid only accept “perfect” children because they are more desirable for outward adoption. @HaitiChildren.org

HaitiChildren provides care and education to abandoned, orphaned and disabled children in Haiti. In their 25 year history, they have cared for Haiti’s most vulnerable children and established a reputation for excellence in their comprehensive and

community-based programming, including free water distribution to the communities.

Today we are joined by Susie Krabacher, Co-Founder & CEO, and Robin Hamill, U.S. Staff President.

Taylor Moxey
Taylor Moxey

Miami’s 12-year old Taylor Moxey is best known as “Taylor the Chef” on social media and in the business world, where she impresses everyone with her red velvet cupcakes, cookies and brownies.  At the age of 8, she converted a $40 loan from her parents, into a bustling cupcake company with a client list today that includes NBA superstars, television celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. Taylor has shown off her skills for some of the top celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, TV chef Bobby Flay, and Chris Bosh.

Taylor launched her nonprofit, The Taylor Moxey Foundation because she wants to encourage kids to read. She also was inspired by her father, who has dyslexia.
Her first library, the Taylor Moxey Library, was built in 2015 from a small lawn trailer and is in Andros, Bahamas. She got the idea after spending a summer there with her parents and realizing there wasn’t a library for kids.  Last year she added a mini-library in Miami using a former shipping container painted bright orange - extremely kid friendly and inviting.

Bruce Gale brings us this week’s interview with our Kid Hero, Taylor Moxey.