November 27, 2013

As an actress, Kristanna Loken commanded power and beauty that could only have come from the future in TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES. (You've also seen her in PAINKILLER JANE, MORTAL KOMBAT: CONQUEST, THE L WORD, PENSACOLA: WINGS OF GOLD, BLOODRAYNE, and many other film and television roles.) As an activist, she works hard for multiple causes and charities. Kristanna joins Adrian Paul (who co-stars with her in the upcoming film BLACK ROSE with recent PFR guest Alexander Nevsky) and Ethan Dettenmaier to talk about how her talents and passions have collided in her new movie FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, which aims to enlighten and educate as it entertains.

The Children In Need segment shares statistics, causes, and prevention of diabetes in children, while our Kids Making A Difference segment introduces a group of high school students creating a documentary called BEYOND THE CROSSFIRE to shine a light on how education and common-sense reforms of our nation's mental healthcare system can help turn the tide of gun violence.

And finally, we hear about Hero of the Week Judy Adams, who helps other young Down Syndrome sufferers via her Dimes For Downs initiative. So far, Judy has raised more than 150,000 dimes (or $15,000.00) to grant wishes and fulfill needs for children with Down Syndrome. Her goal is to collect a million dimes, and she's well on her way!