March 26, 2014

By the time they reach age 18, 1 out of every 3 girls and 1 out of every 5 boys will be sexually abused... and often by an adult they know. On today's show, Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier discuss the warning signs and lasting effects while imparting important information every parent should hear about how to protect and educate our children on this difficult but unfortunately prevalent issue.

To get some extra perspective, we call Beth Goode*, a Victim Services Coordinator for the Choice Program at Family Service Society in Corning, New York. Beth shares powerful insights about why she chose to pursue this field and talks about her experiences working directly with victims of sexual abuse since 2003.

In our Hero of the Week Segment, we tell you about 16-year-old Emma Rider, a student at Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Delaware. When Emma was 13, her church youth group took a mission trip to Kentucky where she learned about WaterStep, an international nonprofit organization that seeks to "save lives with safe water." Via her partnership with WaterStep, Emma has collected more than 70,000 pairs of shoes and raised more than $35,000 to train volunteers to build and maintain sustainable water solutions in more than 30 countries. She spent Christmas of 2012 in Kenya, working at an orphanage and helping with the training and installation of three water purification systems. "While we were sharing information about health, hygiene, and clean water," Emma said, "the Kenyans were sharing the importance of relationships, and how we need to slow down to appreciate what we have."