June 11, 2014

On this week's episode, Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier bring you the latest on the global plague of malnutrition -- the statistics, the hot spots where malnutrition is most prevalent, and the international organizations that are making a difference such as World Food Programme and Action Against Hunger. We also look back at the efforts of Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week such as Will Lourcey, Lucy Blossom, and Gabrielle Posard.

From the time she was 8, our 16-year-old Hero of the Week Brittany Amano had experienced homelessness and domestic violence within her own family. But she also witnessed the power of the helping hands that offered aid at times of need, and by age 10 she was not only volunteering to help others but also inspiring her fellow young people to do the same. Her two non-profits, Hawaii's Future Isn't Hungry and Teens Stopping Domestic Violence, have raised more than $600,000 and collected more than 84,000 pounds of food with more than 400 young volunteers. Brittany also actively supports causes including support for children of deployed soldiers, encouragement for graduates of substance abuse programs, meth education and awareness, and too many others to list here. To catch Brittany in action, check out her TEDx presentation and follow her on Twitter.