April 9, 2014

Tommy Yune's work as writer, director, artist, and animator can be seen from the pages of books, comics, and graphic novels to the enduring ROBOTECH video games and films. He joins Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier to discuss the connection between poverty and education in a world where 130 million children are not enrolled in school (and a whopping 70% of those are girls).

For literally more than half her life, 16-year-old Sarosha Hansraj of Grapevine, Texas, has operated Children Care for Children to "help disadvantaged children around the world obtain an education so that they are able to help themselves, their families and their communities" and to "provide privileged children with an avenue to give and help other children in need, thus instilling a Love of Giving in the children." She has supplied 800 dictionaries and 500 packages of school materials to girls at the Darnami school in Afghanistan's Khost Province, where 80% of the men and 97% of the women are illiterate and the schools have no drinking water, books, computers, or even furniture. "People can take away your house. They can take away your money, property, or clothes. But nobody can ever take away your education," she says. "Education is the way to break the cycle of poverty." We agree, Sarosha, and that's why you are our Peace Fund Radio Hero of the Week!