Sanah Jivani

Sanah Jivani

On today's Hero of the Week segment, we're going to catch up with a previous Hero whom we've mentioned many times on the show. 

When Sanah Jivani lost her hair to Alopecia Areata, she became the target of merciless bullying, including a letter left in her locker outlining 50 ways she should kill herself. But rather than retreating, Sanah chose instead to take off her wig forever and embrace everything about who and how she is -- inspiring countless others to do the same via International Natural Day

Their biggest project is a movement called International Natural Day. International Natural Day takes place every year on February 13th. On this day, they challenge individuals to let go of the ONE insecurity, physical or internal, that’s holding them back. Natural Day is currently celebrated by individuals in 28 countries around the world.

She joins us by phone today with some updates!

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