Reshini Premaratne

Reshini Premaratne

At 10, Richmond, VA native Reshini Premaratne volunteered at a local food bank—but she didn’t feel like she was doing enough. 

Reshini first became passionate about the issue of homelessness when she started volunteering at The Daily Planet the summer before middle school and learned about the prevalence of this issue in her community. 

But, when she returned to school, she realized that other kids her age were unaware about just how much homelessness affected their communities. So in 2010, she spearheaded the X-out Homelessness campaign at her school, encouraging her fellow students to wear duct-taped X’s on their shirts to spread awareness among their peers. In the past three years, the campaign—held in November during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week—has spread to more than 20 local schools (and more than 10,000 students) and prompted bake sales and food drives.

Reshini is honored to have been selected to be a 2014 Global Teen Leader for the We Are Family Foundation's Three Dot Dash initiative and an NCAM Ambassador for Youth Service America and hopes to use these honors to further her campaign and expand it to more states and cities.

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