Olivia Keith

Olivia Keith

Since both her parents have brain injuries, Olivia Keith doesn't want other kids to experience what her parents do every day. Olivia's organization, Play It Safe, does just that. It provides kids with resources and information so that they can have fun and make good decisions while taking care of their brains and bodies. Invited to present at several schools and events, Olivia has an interactive poster display, passes out her "5 Tips to Play It Safe" cards and other resources, and has seatbelt and helmet pledges that kids can sign to stay safe. Olivia recently gave away 20 bike helmets at a safety fair featuring the Indy Eleven Professional Soccer Team.

For the past three years, Olivia has given a brain health and injury prevention presentation to her classmates and created a Play It Safe game. Olivia has also raised in part $27,000 for brain injury education this past year through her own bowling team in the "Bowling for Brain Injury" fundraiser.

Awarded as an Indiana Hero for her overwhelming community service and lasting impact on her state, the Indiana Pacers NBA basketball team recognized Olivia as an Indiana Hero in November 2013 during one of their games. Olivia also partners with the Dave Duersion Athletic Safety Fund, named after the Chicago Bears Pro-Bowler Dave Duerson, to raise concussion awareness in all student athletes.

Olivia is unable to join us today but look for her hereĀ in the near future.

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