Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta

The concept of Empower Orphans was ideated by Neha Gupta in 2005, when she was only nine years old. It is a tradition within the Gupta family to celebrate family birthdays by taking food and gifts to orphaned children in the family’s Indian hometown. Since an early age, Neha has participated in this tradition during her trips to India from the United States.

When Neha was nine years old, the harsh reality of the orphaned children’s prospects hit Neha hard. She realized that there was no one in the world that really loved the orphans and they could not get a good education as they did not have the means to purchase school books. Instead of just feeling empathy towards them, she took action and decided that she wanted to help make a difference in the lives of the orphans.

In 2006, she had raised enough money to start a library and provide the 200 orphans at the Bal Kunj orphanage with stationary and other school supplies. She also provided them with text books and technical manuals so they could learn trades and work to build lives of their own on their own steam. 

By 2009, Neha had expanded her reach to provide education and improve wellness for 360 underprivileged children at the Shree Geeta Public School. She organized a four-day eye and dental clinic that diagnosed 56 kids who needed more advanced eye care and 103 children who need more advanced dental care. Neha arranged for all of it. She also supplied sewing machines to several of the girls so they could take on seamstress jobs and earn enough to support themselves.

Neha has raised more than $1 million thus far. She has won numerous awards for her efforts, including: World of Children Award, Kohls Cares, Prudential Spirit of Community Award, Gold Level President’s Volunteer Service Award; Great Friend to Kids Award and many others.

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