Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio

Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio

Malcolm had been battling pediatric cancer since his diagnosis in the late fall of 2008. He was 10 years old at the time and had spent the fall sidelined in soccer due to pain in his hip, thought to be caused by a broken growth plate. Just after Thanksgiving 2008, he was officially diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a highly aggressive and malignant bone tumor. 

While enduring 14 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove his hip, rehabilitation, and keeping up with his school work, Malcolm realized that he saw no awareness for pediatric cancer. He decided to tackle the challenge of raising awareness and critically needed private funding to support research for pediatric cancers. He began publicly speaking out and raising funds through the sale of his wristbands. He gave all funds to his pediatric hospital's cancer research facility, but decided that in order to really "make some noise," he needed to expand and thus his dream to incorporate a national foundation was born.

Malcolm started the non-profit Make Some Noise Pediatric Research Foundation. Since 2009, they have raised over $1.1 million for children cancer research.
Malcolm and his mom are on a mission. They are sharing the names, faces and ages of children who were killed by cancer by touring the country with the National Angel Quilt.

The National Angel Quilt will feature images, names and ages of children who have lost their battles with cancer.  These beautiful children are all inspiring heroes who have each earned their angel wings.  Malcolm knows what the children on the quilt experienced in treatment. He survived round after round of chemotherapy and countless bone marrow transplants.

To bring special attention to Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, The National Angel Quilt began touring the country beginning in September 2011, and concluding in D.C. in September 2012.  The quilt will tour again this year, and continue to do so until the cures have been found and there are no more angels to add to the quilt.

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