Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams

After watching a Feed the Children commercial, Joshua realized his calling at just 4-and-a-half-years-old. When his grandmother gave him $20, the only thing he wanted to do with it was give it to the homeless. 

At age 5, he started "Joshua's Heart Foundation" to stomp out world hunger.

Joshua’s Heart has a vision of a world where no one goes to bed hungry, a world where kids don’t worry about whether they will have enough to eat on the weekend, a world where everyone helps their neighbors.  The organization believes that kids and adults, working together, can help end hunger locally, across the country and around the world. If everyone gave a little bit of time or money to help the less fortunate, the combined power of their gifts could stomp out hunger.

Now, age 12, Joshua is making quite an impact globally. His organization has distributed over 500,000 pounds of food to South Florida and Jamaica, served over 100,000 meals, raised over $250,000, donated over 20,000 pounds of toys, books, clothes and toiletries, had over 650 youths involved, and currently has a junior advisory board of 40 youths ages 6-18 who are promoting its efforts.

Joshua Williams has appeared in the following PEACE Fund Radio episodes: