Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor

When Hannah was 5, she saw a man eating out of a garbage can on a frozen winter day.  Since that defining moment, Hannah has learned about hunger and homelessness. Where society sees a problem, Hannah sees a person.

By 8, Hannah had founded The Ladybug Foundation Inc., a registered charity, and had become the innocent face of the homeless, seeing their plight with the clarity of a child and speaking out for them across Canada, and elsewhere in the world, to one person at a time and to groups as large as 16,000. Hannah has spoken to more than 175 schools, organizations and events. 

The Ladybug Foundation supports Hannah’s efforts to spread awareness and raise funds to assist operating charitable organizations which provide food, shelter, and other needs of people who are homeless and near homeless in Canada, without judgment, so they can find dignity, security, hope and refuge.  Through her efforts, well over 2 million dollars has been raised directly and indirectly for projects across Canada providing shelter, food and safety for homeless people. Hannah has visited many of the shelters she supports.

Hannah is also the founder of a second, separate charity, The Ladybug Foundation Education Program Inc., through which she has inspired the development of “Make Change: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program”, a K-12 resource for use in schools across Canada to empower young people to get involved and “Make Change” in their world.

Hannah Taylor has appeared in the following PEACE Fund Radio episodes: