Eunice Muba

Eunice Muba

Eunice Muba is a UNICEF Young Reporter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In November 2012, Eunice was invited to represent the children of central Africa at the pan-African Forum on Children, in Addis Abbaba. She wrote and delivered a speech in front of the entire delegation, entitled “We, African Children.” 

In her speech to African leaders, she recalled children’s rights to survival, freedom of expression, education, health and called for a strategy to prevent armed conflicts which affect the child. Why youth reporter? “Because I want to make my country a better place for children to live.”

Children under 18 constitute the largest demographic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Young Reporters program is part of a broader initiative by UNICEF and Ministry of Gender, Families and Children to empower children to advocate for children's rights.

After an advocacy initiative led by the Young Reporters of Kinshasa, the national television broadcaster created dedicated television and radio spots for broadcasting the children’s products, called “The Voice of Youth.”

Eunice Muba has appeared in the following PEACE Fund Radio episodes: