Chaeli Mycroft

Chaeli Mycroft

The Chaeli Campaign was founded on 6 August 2004 by five girls between the ages of 6 and 12. Chaeli Mycroft, her sister (Erin) and lifelong friends, the Terry sisters (Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea) started The Chaeli Campaign to raise R20 000 for Chaeli’s motorised wheelchair. They managed to do this in 7 weeks by selling cards with Erin & Chaeli’s artwork on them and Sunshine Pots (DIY miniature pot plants).

Although Chaeli is the face of The Chaeli Campaign the spirit on which this organization is based is the teamwork that exists amongst the five founding members.  Their goal is to promote and provide the mobility and educational needs of disabled children under the age of eighteen years, throughout South Africa.  The Chaeli Campaign aims to change the life of one disabled child at a time in a significant way.

Their Therapies Program benefits hundreds of children in several communities around Cape Town where they offer their regular physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy sessions. The impact of this program can be seen where children obtain increased comfort and mobility as a result of regular therapeutic intervention.

The Chaeli Campaign hosts a number of advocacy events during the year to promote both the work being done as well as to educate the community about disability and the concept of inclusive education and inclusive living within the community. The focus of these events is to celebrate diversity and inclusion, promote the concept of universal accessibility and open the minds and hearts of non-disabled people to the contribution people with disabilities have to make to their communities.

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