Armani McFarland

Armani McFarland

When Armani McFarland was an 8-year-old third-grader in North Ogden, Utah,she learned that many children have to go to bed hungry. So, as with all our Heroes of the Week, Armani knew she had to do whatever she could to help.

Armani started volunteering and collecting food and other much needed items for children in 2012. It started with a desire to make sure that no child in our community went to bed hungry.  She placed bins throughout the community and passed out flyers letting people know what she was doing by the end of the food drive she had collected nearly 1000 lbs of food for the needy. Soon after that she hosted a backpack and school supply drive and collected 190 backpacks filled with supplies for kids in need. 1 month later she collected coats and ended up with 460 new and used coats to donate.

Armani is just finishing up her 2nd annual backpack and school supply drive and this year has 510 backpacks to give to kids who wouldn't otherwise have a backpack. She was awarded as young philanthropist of northern Utah for 2013. This girl has such a big heart and doesn't want any child to have to go without.

She's 10 years old now and continues to find new ways to help children in
need, from food drives to winter coats to books to backpacks filled with
school supplies to stuffed animals and more. And you can read about all of
her incredible efforts at One Can Make a Change.

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