Adib Ayay

Adib Ayay

Adib Ayay is a young man who grew up in the olive fields near a small town in Morocco. 

In 2011, when Adib was 17, he used his passions for agriculture and entrepreneurship to create a program called Fair Farming to help the 70% of Africa's workforce who are farmers. Adib helps farmers learn simple technologies like SMS text messaging that allow them to stay on top of weather reports and market prices, to work together in unions and cooperatives, and to expand into new markets. 

One group of fruit farmers increased its revenue by 800% using Adib's messaging system, and he's using the marketing skills he's currently learning at the University of Chicago here in the United States to give farmers back home in Morocco the business skills and competitive edge they need to feed their families and communities. 

His team is working on a new project called TelFarm, which will have a larger impact and benefit millions of farmers across the world. Aimed at small-scale farmers who lack financial services and extensive agriculture information, TelFarm is a suite of mobile-based SMS and voice tools that will allow farmers to significantly increase their income through access to transparent market prices, best farming practices, mobile payments and and micro-insurance. 

Adib Ayay believes indeed that each one of us has a fascinating story that deserves to be shared. His isn’t the most impressive, but it is the key to the person he is today. And that's why Adib Ayay is our Peace Fund Radio Hero of the Week.

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