October 23, 2013

Longtime Peace Fund Radio friend Kimberly Moore visits Adrian and Ethan to discuss her Adopt A Letter campaign and the many other programs she and her Foundation have initiated for children around the world. Joining her in the studio today is Grissel Luna, a young woman whose family is boldly following Kimberly's philanthropic footsteps after Kimberly responded to Grissel's letter from several years ago. It's a lovely story of how someone who once needed help is stepping up to become a leader herself because someone reached out with a helping hand in a time of need.

Correspondent John Bierly gives an exciting update about Flora, the first baby placed on the infant respirator we helped donate to a hospital in Hungary four months ago. Born weighing just 1.08 pounds, Flora now weighs nearly five pounds and is finally set to go home. And then we hear about our Hero of the Week, 17-year-old Risha Shukla. Since age 3, Risha has battled multiple chronic diseases and health conditions that have claimed six of her organs and much of her childhood. She lives with constant pain and has endured numerous surgeries since age 7, when she created the Kids Who Care Foundation to educate and encourage other young sufferers of chronic conditions and their families with cards, care packages, traveling variety shows, speaking engagements, web seminars, and research in addition to building a playroom for children at a hospital in rural India. It's another inspiring episode full of all the news about all we do to Protect, Educate, and Aid Children Everywhere.