October 13, 2023

On today's show, Adrian and Ethan discuss the increase in the diagnosis of autism among children.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a problem that affects a child’s nervous system and growth and development.

It often shows up during a child’s first 3 years of life and can last throughout a person’s life, although symptoms may improve over time. Some children with ASD seem to live in their own world. They are not interested in other children and lack social awareness.

Of the kids identified with Autism, 40% are nonverbal, 44% have average or above average intellectual ability and 31% have an intellectual disability.

Nearly half of children with autism will wander from safe environments. And many of these children are drawn to water or other hazardous areas like active roadways or even trains.

The earlier a child is diagnosed and treatment started, the better. Ideally, treatment will begin by 18 months. Although there's no cure for autism, early intervention and therapy can help kids develop skills and achieve their potential.

Around 34% of children with autism report being picked on at school to the point that it distresses them. This goes beyond the classroom to cyberbullying. You can find an internet safety guide for people with autism on the WizCase site.