October 1, 2021

Today Adrian and Ethan highlight International Day of the Girl Child coming up on October 11. Later in the show, we listen in to Part 2 of our interview with nonprofit League of Enchantment.

Initiated by the United Nations in 2012, the International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated annually on 11th October. Its aim is to highlight and address the needs and challenges which girls face throughout the globe. The general aim is to help girls find training and education to help create young successful women.

While the pandemic has accelerated digital platforms for learning, earning and connecting, some 2.2 billion people below the age of 25 still do not have internet access at home.

Girls are more likely to be cut off. The gender gap for global internet users grew from 11 per cent in 2013 to 17 per cent in 2019. In the world’s least developed countries, it hovers around 43 per cent.

By 2021 around 435 million women and girls will be living on less than $1.90 a day — including 47 million pushed into poverty as a result of COVID-19.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Council, estimates show that 11 million girls may not go back to class due to COVID-related education disruptions. They would join the 130 million worldwide who were already out of school before the pandemic.

And now it’s time for our interview. Last week we brought you the first part of our interview with an awesome nonprofit…League of Enchantment. If you missed last week’s show, here’s a little info on this organization…

The League of Enchantment is a nonprofit with the mission to work together with local hospitals, Make-a-Wish and community organizations and events to bring hope and smiles to kids, and kids at heart. Whether it is a smile, hug, photo, or a simple conversation with a child, they are there to make a difference in their lives all through the power of cosplay.

The League’s main focus is to visit kids in hospitals and to brighten their day. At a hospital visit, they bring a toy and a comic book to every child they visit. Not only is this to give them something new to do, but to remind them of their visit with their favorite superhero.

While at the Hall of Heroes convention in Indiana earlier this month, Bev had the opportunity to talk with Shamus Smith, President, and Katie Whittaker, Vice President.

Today, we bring you the second part of our interview with League of Enchantment.

We can always count kids to make a difference…

Remarkable 10-Year-old Inspires the World to Donate Half a Million Books for Kids: ‘A Catalyst’ For Kindness

A 10-year-old Texas boy is on a mission to spread kindness through his charitable endeavors.

Orion Jean first began his mission last year when his elementary school teacher suggested the then 9-year-old enter the National Kindness Speech Contest. He ended up giving a speech about how kindness could “change a nation,” winning the competition and receiving a $500 cash award.

That’s when he decided he would use the money to help others and truly spread kindness through his Race to Kindness campaign, a series of events launched by the 10-year-old to spread kindness.

Let’s listen to these two clips, starting with Orion’s winning speech on kindness…