November 20, 2013

The 50th episode of Peace Fund Radio is appropriately packed with news and views about exciting and innovative ways to Protect, Educate, and Aid Children Everywhere! At the top of the hour, Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier welcome cognitive therapist Sammy to the studio to talk about her ongoing efforts to eradicate extremism in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of northwestern Pakistan by raising the literacy rate of its children. Sammy collects books from around the United States and hopes to deliver 10,000 to provide these children with pathways to brighter futures via better education.

The conversation allows us to reminisce about former Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week Tatiana Grossman (Spread the Words) and Adele Taylor (Adele's Literacy Library), who have both found unique ways to harness solar energy to bring literacy to remote African Villages, and Alyssa Deraco (Alyssa's Bedtime Stories), who has delivered 10,000 books and 5,000 pairs of pajamas to spark the imaginations of kids who yearn to learn.

Then we name our new Hero of the Week, 14-year-old MaryMargaret O'Neill, who launched Kids Are Heroes when she was 9 years old to tell the stories of children around the world who have founded their own charities. She shows us that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes and teaches us that results can come from all kinds of fundraising efforts, from kids who swim across frigid bodies of water or climb the world's highest mountains, to those who provide books or glasses or shoes to those who've never had them, to those who use other specific talents from sewing to science to raise money and awareness for children's causes. Kids Are Heroes catalogs hundreds of young heroes with 83,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook fans.

And before we go, we call martial artist and entrepreneur Ken Caputo to explain why he feels that a business must be an asset to its community. Ken's martial arts schools value discipline and education equally, and he takes his positive messages of safety and solidarity to 12,000 students every year. Ken talks about his new Quest Book and Creative Connections initiatives, while Adrian reveals that Ken will be assisting The Peace Fund with its own new Goals4Peace program.