November 13, 2013

Alexander Nevsky isn't just a championship bodybuilder (with three consecutive Mr. Universe titles), the best-selling author of multiple fitness books and articles, or an actor and producer of several hit action films (including MOSCOW HEAT, TREASURE RAIDERS, and the upcoming BLACK ROSE with Adrian Paul). He's also known for taking his messages of physical fitness and confidence directly to children in schools in Russia and around the world. When he first came to the United States of America, he placed integrity and education above easy fame by turning down stereotypical villain roles in Hollywood films so he wouldn't provide a bad example for the children back home in Russia who wanted to be like their hero.

Alexander joins Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier in the studio today for an informed discussion about the importance of physical fitness for our children's health, energy, and self-esteem. And then Adrian shares the story of 8-year-old twin sisters Hailey and Olivia "Livy" Scheinman. They are our Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week -- Livy for her courageous, lifelong battle against severe seizures resulting in major surgeries that have cost her portions of two lobes and the use of the entire left side of her brain, and Hailey for using her sister's inspiration and example to raise awareness and funds for Epilepsy research via Livy's Hope.