May 8, 2013

Adrian and Ethan hear a "Hu" when knockout actress Kelly Hu (X-MEN 2, THE SCORPION KING, MARTIAL LAW, CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE) stops by the studio for an inspirational talk about her charity work and to urge kids and their families to fight obesity. After the guys and their guest partake in a spirited recap (including an update on Adrian's kneecap) of the Combat Radio Celebrity Charity Soccer Invitational, Carmel Macpherson shares her weekly "Words of Wisdom" with another call to action for the new Indie Go Go respirator campaign ( And even though PFR correspondent John Bierly is on the air with Ms. Hu, he manages to remember his name long enough to tell us about Hero of the Week Hannah Taylor, whose Ladybug Foundation ( has raised over $2 million since the now 17-year-old Hannah saw a homeless man eating from a garbage can swung into action at age 5.