May 29. 2020

On today's show, Adrian and Ethan talk about the kindness we are seeing all around us and some kids making a difference in their own community.

These may be trying times, but there are some very good things to come out of this sheltering at home. Wherever you look, stories of humanity and kindness shine through all of the negative news.

One thing that we have seen all over the world is that kindness is prevailing in uncertain times. People are coming together - from singing on the balconies in Italy to cheering on frontline workers overlooking the streets of New York. Some are setting up groups to offer support to the elderly or vulnerable, like collecting groceries or calling them for a chat. We have heard stories of people having virtual movie nights and musicians offering free concerts.

Science shows being kind has a positive impact on our well-being. A recent study published in the Journal of Social Psychology suggests that committing acts of kindness towards our close connections, our acquaintances, toward ourselves — and even observing acts of kindness — have equally positive effects on our happiness.

Saying “thank you” and spending an extra moment expressing how grateful we are to first responders, delivery workers, and those serving us in supermarkets and pharmacies shows them we really care.

Red Nose Day...there's still time.

How many of you got your digital red nose this year?

Red Nose Day is a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Through the power of entertainment, they bring people together to laugh and have fun, all while raising life-changing cash for the children that need it the most. Since their debut in 2015, they have raised over $230 million and have positively impacted over 25 million children in America, and around the world. This year nearly $32 million has been raised…and still counting.

Mark your calendars! This year, Red Nose Day is partnering with Wizards of the Coast to bring three incredible ways to get involved in Dungeons & Dragons Live 2020. The adventure runs online from June 18 to June 20, 2020 at

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Adrian and Ethan (Pre-COVID)
Adrian and Ethan (Pre-COVID)