May 27, 2022

On today's show, Adrian and Ethan discuss how America’s baby-formula shortage has gone from curious inconvenience to a full-blown national crisis.

More than 45% of top selling formula brands are reportedly out of stock at major stores around the country.

Parents and even doctors across the country have been struggling to find baby formula. The shortage, which began in the early days of the pandemic, has worsened in recent weeks because of labor shortages and the closure of a key manufacturing plant.

Abbott is the largest of only a handful of baby formula manufacturers in the US, and accounts for more than 40% of the market. Thus, the recall and plant closure deeply impacted supply. The crisis has also fueled formula hoarding, which has made the deficit worse, along with reports of price gouging.

The families who have fewer resources, have fewer options, who aren't able to pay premium prices are going to be more at risk. That means parents of the estimated 1.7 million infants in WIC haven't had a lot of options. To help the situation, the Senate on last week approved the Access to Baby Formula Act by unanimous consent, which ensures low-income families can buy more types of formula.

While the Administration works to put more formula on the shelves, pediatricians around the nation offer tips and resources to parents struggling to feed their infants.