May 21, 2104

May is National Water Safety Month, and Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier are here to give parents and children the tips they need to stay safe. Drowning remains the leading cause of injury death for children ages 1-4, with 390 children drowning in the United States each year. And it doesn't just happen during swimming pool season. A child can drown in just two inches of water, with many incidents occurring in bathtubs, buckets, and even toilets. The statistics are sobering, but there's always hope, because these accidents CAN be prevented. We'll tell you how, and we'll also tell you what organizations like the YMCA, the American Red Cross, and Safe Kids Worldwide are doing to turn the tide.

And for our Hero of the Week segment, we highlight 11-year-old Indiana native Olivia Keith, who uses her public profile as a pageant champion to teach safety tips to children at schools and various other fairs and events via her Play It Safe organization. Both of Olivia's parents have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Olivia uses her personal experiences and interactive workshops to give all kids the knowledge they need to keep their bodies and brains safe during work and play.