June 5, 2019

On today's show, Adrian talks with Grammy® Award-winning songwriter Bunny Hull, Founder and CEO of the nonprofit, Dream a World Education.  Later, Bruce Gale brings us an interview with one of our earlier Kid Heroes, Allison Boyer, a youth ambassador for Orangutan Outreach and founder of Purses for Primates.

Art-related activities for children are important for so much more than just keeping your child busy…they are life-changing.  When everything else seems to be falling apart, the arts can often be the healing glue that makes a child’s life just a little bit better.  They’ve been proven to boost a child’s self-image and can steer many at-risk youth away from harming themselves and others. 

The creativity skills learned through participating in art, music, movement, and storytelling activities help develop language, mathematics, science, and social skills.

Through the arts, children create something that, until that point, they only imagined.

Classes in the arts are beneficial for students in many ways, but especially for children who are low-income and live in impoverished neighborhoods. Not only can arts programs provide incentives for these children to stay in school, but they can also improve their academic performance, including reading and math. At-risk students with a history of involvement in the arts have higher college enrollment rates than their at-risk peers who didn’t pursue arts education. 

And this brings us to today's highlighted charity, Dream a World Education...

Dream A World Education provides a unique, high quality early childhood arts education that supports academic development, social-emotional learning and an understanding of cultural diversity.  @dreamaworlded

Dream A World Education was founded by Grammy® Award-winning songwriter Bunny Hull and evolved from the educational outreach that began as Kids Creative Classics in 1994. As her passion for empowering youth expanded, so grew her need for touching more and more children.  They use the power of performance to capture children’s attention so they can feel what it’s like to be inspired.

Directed by Bunny Hull, The Ripple Effect examines the struggle to keep arts alive for inner city children and reveals the power of arts education to educate the heart and impact schools and the lives of those living in poverty.  This Documentary Short is the winner of the 2018 Global Impact Award.

Earlier this month, Adrian had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Bunny Hull.

21-year-old Allison Boyer is a California native who has been fighting for the orangutan since she was 7.  Whenever possible, Allie would do her school projects on orangutan conversation... and became known as 'the orangutan girl'. As Allie grew older she continued fighting for the orangutans. When she was in junior high school she created her own fundraiser: Purses for Primates.  

Purses for Primates is a non-profit group that collects gently used purses to re-sell at parties. The orangutan is now considered a critically endangered animal and only lives in Sumatra and Borneo. Palm oil plantations that are taking over the rain forest are displacing this nomadic creature at an alarming rate. She is determined to do something before a creature that shares 98% of our DNA is wiped off the face of the earth.

As a Youth Ambassador for Orangutan Outreach, Purses for Primates has raised over $27,000 dollars for the orangutans.  @Purses4Primates

Bruce Gale brings us an interview with our earlier Kid Hero, Allie Boyer.