June 4, 2014

Organized sports keep our kids physically and mentally active. They bolster confidence and encourage teamwork. But with 25 million scholastic and 20 million more community athletic programs in the United States alone, the opportunities for serious injuries are on the rise. In fact, more than 1.35 million children suffered sports injuries serious enough to send them to the hospital in 2013. And every 25 seconds, one of America's 46.5 million young athletes visits an emergency room for a sports injury. On today's show, Adrian Pauland Ethan Dettenmaier talk about how to introduce safety into our children's vital physical activities and highlight organizations such as Safe Kids Worldwide and STOP Sports Injuries.

To further the discussion, we call in an expert who just so happens to be one of our Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week. Olivia Keith just turned 11 years old, and she's already making a big impact by teaching kids who to protect their bodies and brains viaPlay It Safe. Olivia brings us some important tips and shares the personal experiences that inspired her mission. We'll also hear from her mom, Darcy Keith, about how she overcame a Traumatic Brain Injury to become a top motivational speaker and educator of young athletes everywhere.