June 25, 2014

Health professionals, volunteers, parents, and especially kids can all attest to the positive affects that dreams coming true can have on recovery, happiness, and health. So Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier dial up Laura Walitsky, Secretary of the National Executive Board of The Dream Factory and Area Director of its Rochester Chapter, to hear about the history of her organization and how the Rochester unit alone has fulfilled nearly 200 dreams in just 16 years.

And then we speak to another special guest who works hard every day to grant dreams for those in need. Kimberley Adams tells us why she founded Gifts From The Heart For Downs, how she operates it all on her own, and how she finds inspiration every day from her adopted children Matthew and Judy, one of our Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week who followed her mom's footsteps to create Dimes For Downs. You won't believe how many dimes she's up to.