December 18, 2013

At the top of our final episode of 2013, Peace Fund Founder Adrian Paul and co-host/producer Ethan Dettenmaier shell out some well deserved shame to the charities on CNN's list of America's 50 worst which give only 4% or less of funds raised to the causes they claim to support.

In much better news, we reveal that our generous listeners are helping us fulfill the Adopt a Letter submissions from The Kimberly Moore Foundation faster than we can even get them posted!

Then we get a lovely call from Susie Krabacher, the President and Co-Founder of one of our favorite partner charities, Mercy & Sharing. Susie gives us an update on all the incredible work her organization is doing to protect, educate and aid the many children under its care in Haiti, from the basic needs of food and shelter and medicine to a vocational school that gives the kids the power to build their own futures and lives.

And finally we hear the inspiring story of "Ability Activist" Michaela "Chaeli" Mycroft. In 2004, Chaeli and her sister Erin and their friends Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea Terry, all ages 6-12, raised money to buy a motorized wheelchair for Chaeli, whose motor skills are limited by Cerebral Palsy. They were so invigorated by their success that they founded The Chaeli Campaign to "mobilize the minds and bodies of children with disabilities." And they've done so in the decade since by continuing to constantly provide equipment, physical therapy, acceptance, education, and opportunity for more than 10,000 disabled children and counting. That's why Chaeli and her team are our Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week!