August 20, 2014

More than 62 million children under the age of 15 are affected by hearing loss, but only one out of every 40 people in the developing world who need a hearing aid have access to one. Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier bring you the statistics about the number of children who deal with total or partial hearing loss and discuss the associated developmental issues, social problems, and academic difficulties these kids must overcome. And though many children are born with hearing loss, many more cases occur from prolonged exposure to noisy toys and electronic devices. Find out how to keep your kids' ears safe, and learn what organizations such as The Starkey Hearing Foundation and The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss are doing to help.

Our Hero of the Week, Anthony Smith, didn't want to wear his hearing aid at age 4 because his superhero idols didn't wear them. So when his mother, Christina D'Allesandro, contacted Marvel Comics to see if they had ever featured a hero with hearing loss, Marvel responded by making Anthony a superhero called "Blue Ear" and allowing him not only to meet Iron Man but also to become him. Anthony's adventures have created great opportunities for education, awareness, and acceptance for children with hearing loss thanks to posters and other materials Marvel and hearing aid manufacturer Phonak have provided to doctors' offices and schools around the country.

Also, get the latest updates on The Peace Fund Games and Combat Radio's Christmas Breakfast For Homeless Children!