April 24, 2013

At the top of this week's episode, hosts Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier discuss sobering statistics on child abuse and ponder ways in which this troubling tide can be turned. Later, when Adrian highlights the dire need a children's hospital in Hungary has for a respirator, Ethan comes up with an awesome idea for how to put the jerseys from the upcoming Combat Radio Celebrity Charity Soccer Invitational to work even after the game is done. The Peace Fund's awesome Aussie, Carmel Macpherson, pops on to talk about using Charity Buzz (charitybuzz.com) to auction off a spot on the soccer team and also introduces our partnership with the David Frey Memorial (davidfreymemorial.com) Golf Tournament to raise funds for the Children's Organ Transplant Organization (cota.org). And finally we welcome our Hero of the Week, Jen Rubino, to tell us about how she was inspired by all the time she's spent hospitalized for a chronic illness to create Cards For Hospitalized Kids (cardsforhospitalizedkids.com) to "provide hope, joy, and magic" to sick children through handmade cards from volunteers, athletes, and celebrities.