April 2, 2014

More than 80% of teenagers regularly use cell phones and the countless social media applications that accompany them. As a result, nearly half of all kids have been bullied by other kids online, with 87% of that bullying happening on Facebook alone. Bullies are empowered by anonymity and accessibility, leaving their victims to suffer anxiety, depression, and loss of self esteem... with some victims even turning to suicide as a result of excessive harassment. Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier are on the case, cracking open the causes, consequences, and potential cures of this cyber-bullying epidemic.

For our Hero of the Week segment, we take a look back at the many Heroes we've featured who've tackled bullying with inspiring results, including the band Breaking 27, singer Dalton Cyr, Lauren and Victoria Coaxum of Think Before You Type, and Matthew Kaplan of The Be O.N.E. Project. Matthew was recently named a Global Teen Leader at the Three Dot Dash Summit, which yields yet another long list of previous Peace Fund Radio Heroes of the Week who've attended this incredible event since its inception in 2008.